How to fix HP Printer paper jam issue?

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How to fix HP Printer paper jam issue?

Сообщение xpertsquad » Пт май 10, 2019 15:46

Paper jam is the most frequently-happening printer error which needs special assistance from experts. Although HP printing devices are made up on a self-diagnosing mechanism which can fix the minor issues on its own, when the error becomes prominent the below-given steps of recovery can be performed. Apart from this calling HP printer support phone number is another possible way to get rid of technical hurdles.
• Pull the stuck paper in the direction of printing from the rollers.
• Make sure you are using the right size or quality of the paper
• Remove the tray of paper, cartridges and clean the printer using a soft cloth
• Clean all leftovers of papers
• Make a call upon Hp Printer Support Number for help getting the instant solution.
• HP printer paper jam error

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Re: How to fix HP Printer paper jam issue?

Сообщение toucherts » Ср май 15, 2019 03:29

If your printer faces trouble while handling the print media and paper gets jam easily. It might be possible that you have not used good quality paper. To resolve the issues related to a paper jam, follow a few steps below
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Open the printer access door
Gently remove the paper from the feeder. Make sure you completely remove the paper and close the door
If the paper is still remaining inside the feeder, gently pull it out.
You will get a message indicating paper jam removed. Resume printing once the problem is resolved


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